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Mapping COVID-19’s Effects on Out-of-Home Exposure

OOH Baseline Map

Comparing Exposures to the Week of January 13th, 2020 – a Normal Week in OOH

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Understanding the Benefits

The OOH baseline map details exposures per placement by week against performance over the week of January 13th, 2020, a standard week prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The map processes a total of 29 OOH formats with more than 350,000 pieces of inventory across the entire U.S. Key definitions include:

OOH Exposures
An exposure is an interaction between a mobile device and a piece of OOH inventory where the device has a very high probability of seeing the full content of the advertisement. It takes into account visibility, speed, dwell time, facing, competition for attention, and many other factors when determining if the device encountered the OOH placement(s).

Trend Over Baseline
The percentage change of total weekly exposures for the current week over the total exposures for the week of 2020-01-13. For example, if an OOH placement had 100 exposures on the week of the 13th and then 150 exposures the following week, it would have a +50% trend. On the other hand, if the same placement encountered 50 exposures for the week, it would subsequently trend at -50%.

Confidence Rating
The confidence rating provides accuracy for trend consistency per OOH placement. It is a measure of the quality and quantity of data processed per placement to produce OOH exposures. It is a percent ranging from zero to 99.99% where we are very certain the ratings are the most accurate and trustworthy.


Source: Billups (Data Science), SafeGraph, Carto

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Baseline Exposire Map


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