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Resources & Insights

A collection of our latest research and findings.

As the pandemic continues to change the world in which we practice out-of-home advertising, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dive head first into researching how OOH continues to evolve amidst the crisis.


Billups OOH Baseline Map

The OOH Baseline Exposure Map details out-of-home unit performance against the week of January 13th, 2020 – a standard week prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The map is a useful tool for understanding COVID-19's effects on audience traffic.

OOH Baseline Map image


Bringing Messages Closer to Home

Now more than ever, brands have a chance to show solidarity with their audiences and reach them on a more personal, communal and united front.


Why Out-of-Home Protects Your Brand

As brands realign campaigns and budgets, advertisers have an opportunity to pivot and practice prudent decision-making when advertising in the world.

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