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Wallscapes & Wall Murals

Wallscapes For Brands Who Want Impactful Advertising

Want to make a creative impact? Providing prime advertising, wallscapes accommodate custom designs for long-term exposure, creating mass-market awareness with high reach and frequency levels. Often hand-painted, these massive canvases provide endless creative opportunities that get people talking. Affixed to buildings in heavily trafficked areas and visible from a great distance, walls provide maximum impact.

Hand painted mural on the side of a building


Wallscape and Wall Mural costs can vary depending on the size of the artwork, location, and campaign duration. Pricing for a four-week campaign can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The design's complexity and intricacy, the location's prominence, and the target audience reach can also affect cost. It's important to consider production expenses for the Mural or Wallscape in your budget. High-traffic areas in urban centers generally command higher prices than less busy or more localized regions.

Wallscape and Wall Mural Specifications


Size varies based on application

Possibly the largest OOH format, wall murals/wallscapes offer high impact brand messaging. These larger than life units are typically located in desirable, high traffic areas where they can be seen by commuters and drivers alike.