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The Real Interest of Food & Beverage Advertising in OOH

March 3, 2021

Like many industries, food and beverage brands had a tough year. Fortunately, there are signs of recovery in 2021. According to a study by The Harris Poll and OAAA, Americans want to go out and get their lives back.

71% of consumers want to walk around town or in the neighborhood. Interestingly, 57% are interested in open-air, outdoor seating at restaurants or bars. 

Since more people are motivated to go outdoors, restaurants and food stalls have a bright future ahead. While many were pressured to go digital in recent months, brands that want to stand out from the norm should start investing in out-of-home (OOH) campaigns.

What are some of the benefits of OOH for food and beverage companies? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Boost Restaurant Visitors
Through billboards and signs, OOH advertising for brands makes passersby more aware of the establishments near their vicinity. Drivers and travelers can be lured in when they see OOH ads alongside roads and expressways. Meanwhile, a restaurant billboard (or also known as a bulletin) could seal the deal for local consumers deciding on a place to eat.

That's exactly why big brands like McDonald's are considered one of the top advertisers for OOH spend. This billboard advertisement for their guacamole sandwiches boosts brand recognition, foot traffic, and sales of new product releases to their restaurants.

MCD Guac Bulletin

2. Promote Mobile Apps or Online Services
Despite the ease of social distancing measures, many consumers still opt for mobile ordering and delivery due to convenience. There are also plenty of F&B businesses that have shifted to online deliveries to save on rent and operation costs.

The good news is that outdoor advertising provides digital and in-store F&B outlets the opportunity to promote their mobile app, delivery services, or website. An eye-catching picture of food may tempt consumers to visit your location, website, or check out your social media pages to learn more about your business.

For instance, this Blue Apron digital display, seen by thousands of consumers while on their way home from work is likely to capture brand consideration for a healthy, home cooked meal.

Blue Apron DOOH

3. Geofencing
OOH advertising doesn’t just consist of good ol’ signboards with pictures. Many billboard campaigns establish a virtual boundary around each placement or geofence (geographic fence) that enables mobile retargeting based on a specific target audience. For starters, this lets consumers within the geofence see customer ads on their mobile devices.

Imagine seeing a Starbucks coupon on your smartphone when you’re in the vicinity of a Starbucks store within a nearby billboard placement. It could likely motivate you to check out the store and try the coupon yourself.

In fact, QSR magazine reports that an OOH company teamed up with a quick-service chain for location-based ads. The results were an astounding 20% increase in-store visitors and a 26% boost in visits during breakfast hours.

4. OOH Ads Are Cost-Effective
OOH ads are a cost-effective marketing touchpoint. A study found that billboards are a lot cheaper than major marketing channels such as TV, magazine, newspaper, and radio.

What’s more, OOH ads with geofencing enable F&Bs to aggregate demographic consumer data. They can determine purchasing habits, track browsing history, age range, and determine the interests of their consumers. This way, you can produce engaging ads for your target consumers while they’re on the go.

Ready to Leverage OOH Advertising?
Not only can they increase foot traffic to your store, but they can also promote your online channels or delivery services. It’s the perfect win-win-win situation.

As the pandemic subsides, foot traffic in-store will only grow larger. To generate more buzz and recover in-store customers, it’s now the best time to boost your marketing mix with out-of-home media.

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