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Billups Analytics

Brand Study Dashboard


Billups Analytics  Brand Study Dashboard seamlessly blends advanced analytics with intuitive visualizations. Elevate your Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns through continuous improvement, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.



How it works

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Browse our up-to-date OOH units catalog

Use DMA/CBSA or Zip Codes to select your market

Use DMA/CBSA or Zip Codes to select your market

Apply venue type or media type filters to pick up units you are interested in

Apply venue type or media type filters to pick up units you are interested in

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Use Point of Interests and Audience demographics layers on the map

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Draw polygons to narrow your selection within specific area


Zoom into a single unit to view unit details, location and audience.

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Save your selected units as a Preset

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Create as many Presets as you want


Share your Preset with your colleagues.

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Add your Presets into an RFP

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Add your campaign details, period, budget and goals.

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Edit your company details.

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Add an existing preset or create a new one.

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Submit your RFP to Billups.

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Key Features

Audience Demographics

Explore Age, Education, Ethnicity, Gender, Household Income, Marital Status of the participants.

Brand Insights

Gain insight into brand's performance by evaluating NPS, Awareness, Perception, Consideration, and other crucial parameters for future campaigns.

Brand insights

Strategy Optimization

Harness the power of data-driven decision making to optimize your media selection strategy.

Success Tracking

Measure the success of your OOH campaigns with Brand Lift, Ad Likability, Market Awareness, and other metrics, ensuring cost-effective, impactful results.

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