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Billups Selects Cedara to Launch Global OOH Sustainability Solution

Seen originally on March 20th in MediaPost.


NEW YORK, March 20th, 2024 - Billups, a global Out-of-Home (OOH) managed services agency helping advertisers and agencies strengthen media performance through a patented analytics and measurement platform, has chosen Cedara, the Carbon Intelligence Platform for marketers, to develop an OOH sustainability solution for Billups’ global network of brands and agencies. As the first OOH agency to leverage Cedara’s carbon measurement platform, Billups is ushering the OOH industry into a greener, more responsible future.

“As part of Billups’ commitment to driving global innovation, we are eager to accelerate sustainability efforts within the OOH industry,” said David Krupp, Global CEO of Billups. “Working with Cedara will ensure we accurately measure and report on the environmental impact our clients' campaigns generate and that appropriate mitigation efforts are undertaken. Providing the tools necessary to understand and, critically, reduce carbon impact supports our clients in achieving their sustainability goals, helping to create a cleaner future.”

Cedara's end-to-end Carbon Intelligence Platform will calculate the carbon emissions associated with Billups’ clients’ OOH and DOOH campaigns. Billups will use this data to inform emissions reduction strategies and create custom-tailored offset portfolios for compensating emissions through investing in verified third-party offset projects. Cedara will also support Billups in developing its corporate sustainability initiatives.

“Advancing sustainability in OOH plays a vital role in our mission of achieving net zero across the entire media supply chain by 2030,” said Eric Shih, Chief Operating Officer at Cedara. “Billups has been instrumental in helping us establish our foothold in the OOH space, and we look forward to working closely with their team to minimize the environmental impact of OOH advertising.”

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About Cedara
Cedara, the Carbon Intelligence Platform, is on a mission to help businesses decarbonize and to build a more sustainable future for society. Through its comprehensive product suite, Cedara measures the carbon emissions for businesses and develops a path to net zero. Cedara further maps the carbon intensity across supply chains to empower investment teams to decarbonize the supply path across their goods and services. Cedara adopts a high-impact, data-driven approach to develop transformative solutions for businesses and their partners to accelerate the shift to a net zero economy. Founded in 2021, Cedara is headquartered in New York City with offices in the US, UK, France, and Germany. To learn more, please visit cedara.io.