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Best Practices for Your Next OOH Campaign

September 10, 2021

Launching a successful OOH campaign may seem daunting for those new to the format. The good news is that by applying industry best practices, planning your OOH becomes a manageable process.

The best campaigns simply utilize proper planning and execution which allow them to stand at the front of the pack. Done right, you can easily create ads that resonate with your target audience and achieve KPI goals while remaining within your planned budget. 

Here are some tips to get you started on the right track.

1.  Planning a Successful Campaign

Proper planning involves setting clear campaign goals. Think about the end result you want (i.e., increasing web visits or in-store traffic).

Next, define and locate your audience. Determine high-traffic areas within the community as well as places that your audience frequents. Note that OOH ads have multiple formats including traditional, non-traditional, programmatic and more — opting for a hybrid approach is often ideal for efficient reach. For instance, targeting B2B buyers may involve static signage on targeted roadways and programmatic OOH ads in business areas that see more frequent foot traffic.

Once your plan is in place, get in touch with suppliers to pre-book the space. In most cases, there will be multiple vendors to choose from. As a point of ease, we recommend reaching out to an OOH specialist for data-based recommendations and planning.

2.  Creating Eye-Catching Ads

Research shows our brains prefer OOH ads as they have a more pervasive and lasting impact. Various formats require different design aesthetics. 

Traditional OOH ads require large copy and more contrast to make it viewable from miles away. Additionally, dwell time must also be considered. An OOH ad on the highway usually has shorter dwell time and may require straightforward copy so viewers can read it within seconds. 

In contrast, digital signs in airports and malls may have a longer dwell time, allowing you to add details (i.e. app download, website link) for conversions. However, getting people’s attention remains key and requires eye-catching images and copy.

3.  Executing OOH Campaigns

Execution entails negotiating with suppliers, producing the ad, and installation. 

Knowledge about OOH formats and market variables can make your campaigns affordable. This knowledge comes in handy when negotiating with vendors and creating contracts favorable for your business. In addition, you’ll also need to pay invoices at the stipulated time.  

Meanwhile, the production and installation phase involves delivering materials at the right time. A static OOH ad may require a 3-week lead time before printing. In contrast, digital OOH doesn't require printing or physical installation but must be delivered in file-specific formats and trafficked accordingly.  Whichever you choose, you’ll also need to set reasonable deadlines for marketers and designers in charge of creating the ad. 

Although this process may seem challenging, you can get in touch with an OOH specialist to manage the execution of your campaign. 

4.  Measuring OOH Success

Just like any marketing campaign, you need clear KPIs to measure and data-driven insights to guarantee long-term success. 

Attribution studies make it possible to measure ad exposure, in-store visitations, and sales which can be attributed to the OOH campaign. Post-buy reporting also lets you evaluate campaign delivery and performance. That way, you can remove the guesswork and analyze results.

At Billups, we apply proprietary algorithms and patented technology to ensure our OOH campaigns are measured and backed by data science.

How to Apply Learnings for Your Next Campaign

As long as you have data-driven insights, you can optimize and improve your campaign. Try removing the units that have not shown success and invest in more beneficial ones. Over time, you’ll be able to boost the impact of your OOH ads. 

For the best results, we recommend getting in touch with Billups’ team of OOH experts. Our experience enables advertisers to secure affordable media placements, create impactful ads, and positively scale results. 

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