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Taking Over Times Square


Joules of Energy

Energy saved by going green and dark on Times Square screens for one hour.


Articles Published 

Picked up by news sites around the world before and after Earth Day.


Social Shares

Hundreds of posts sharing or commenting within hours. 

 The Challenge

  • Execute a Times Square takeover with a one-hour roadblock on as many units as possible the night before Earth Day to raise awareness about Algorand's carbon negative blockchain protocol. 
  • Syncing timing and brand colors amongst the different screens to accomplish a cohesive takeover. 



 The Solution

  • Harness existing relationships with multiple media owners to coordinate the takeover that encourage people to turn off their screens for Earth Day.
Algorand _ 04-21-22 _ -61

The Results

  • Program was executed exactly as planned with screens uniformly going green and then turning dark.
  • The execution and message was picked up by numerous news sites including Yahoo Finance, Coindesk and Fast Company and many more around the globe. 
  • Feeds lit up with shares and comments across all social media platforms.   

Algorand _ 04-21-22 _ -94
"...this idea required a seasoned team like Billups that has leverage in the OOH industry and can act as a conduit for communication with multiple OOH vendors. Algorand saw incredible earned value from this moment that helped communicate their brand message in a big way - and that wouldn't have been possible without a Billups partnership."

Nick Papa 
Director of Media & Partnerships | Invisible North