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Web Impact
Precisely define and quantify who was exposed to your OOH ads by tracking a sample group of mobile devices that moved within the view shed of ad units of your campaign.
"I want to know the impact my OOH ads had on web traffic."

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How it Works


Place Pixel on Site

We place a pixel on site to track which mobile devices and users are visiting the website. This is data for later.

Construct Customer Journeys


User journeys are reconstructed using opt-in mobile data. This allows us to understand where users are in relation to OOH units.


Web Visiting Matching


We collect devices that intersected with our view shed, and match them to website visitor data to determine visitors attributed to OOH.

One for All
Whether you are an existing advertiser, or a new advertiser with a fresh website, Web Impact studies are great to match the activity that happens in the real world with the activity that occurs in the digital one.
Web Impact studies_web-impact_One for All
A Comprehensive Web View

We place a pixel on site to gain an understanding of visitors, or utilize hashed email addresses and Google Analytics for deeper alternative insights into web activity.

Google Analytics_web-impact_A Comprehensive Web View
Audience Reach & Profile
Collect the total exposures for comprehensive look at your campaign in market. Gain insights into the overall Reach, Frequency, Unit Performance, and Audience Demographics.
total exposures_overall reach_web-impact_Audience Reach & Profile

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