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How to Measure OOH Advertising  & Create Effective Campaigns

Attribution for Out-of-Home Advertising

Simply put, attribution is the process of identifying who was exposed to out-of-home advertising and what actions they took offline or online as a result of the exposure to that out-of-home media. 

Every day we process and match millions of location observations to our database of devices and user IDs.


Location Observations
(Per Day)


U.S. Unique Mobile Ad IDs
(Per Day)


Customer Trips
(Per Day)

Attribution Metrics


Audience Exposure

Exposures score a user’s Opportunity to View (OTV™) an OOH unit based on mobile devices that intersect OOH viewsheds and the human visual processing system.
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billups_OOH_expert_visitation_matching copy

Location Visitation

Historical comparison of foot traffic for designated POIs, identifying the incremental store visitation lift as a result of OOH.
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billups_OOH_expert_web_matching copy-2

Website Visitation

Identify lift in website traffic by resolving mobile device IDs that took an action on a website, and match to devices that intersect OOH viewsheds.
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billups_OHH_expert_Distribute_Brand_Surveys copyBrand Awareness

Through running sophisticated pre and post campaign surveys we can determine audiences opinions of brands and how they might have changed as a result of the Out-of-Home.

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App Download

Measure the influence of OOH on app download activity for mobile application-based campaigns and garner valuable insights and user activity within app environments.
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Short Guide: Getting Started With OOH Attribution

Learning how OOH Attribution can measure the true impact of your OOH campaign and which OOH placements produce the highest exposure, in-store foot traffic, online visitation and much more. 

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OOH Short Guide

Getting Started with Outdoor Advertising →

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OOH Short Guide

Getting Started With Programmatic DOOH →

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Getting Started_Atrib

OOH Short Guide

Getting Started With OOH Attribution →

15 min read

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