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How to Measure OOH Advertising  & Create Effective Campaigns

Attribution for Out-of-Home Advertising

Simply put, attribution is the process of identifying who was exposed to out-of-home advertising and what actions they took offline or online as a result of the exposure to that out-of-home media. 

Short Guide: Getting Started With OOH Attribution

Learning how OOH Attribution can measure the true impact of your OOH campaign and which OOH placements produce the highest exposure, in-store foot traffic, online visitation and much more. 

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Every day we process and match millions of location observations to our database of devices and user IDs.


Location Observations
(Per Day)


U.S. Unique Mobile Ad IDs
(Per Day)


Customer Trips
(Per Day)

How Does Mobile & Foot Traffic Attribution Reporting Work? 

Measuring & optimizing out-of-home media based on exposure, in-store traffic, online visitation and/or sales. 

Collect Billions of
Location Observations Daily

Create Customer Journeys
for 300 million Unique Users

Map Placements & Points of Interest
to Customer Journeys

Measure In-Store &
Website Visitation

A/B Test with Non-Exposed Audiences
and Audiences Prior to Launching
Optimize for Placements with High Exposure
to Audiences that Converted

Attribution Metrics



Exposure is based on individual devices that provide a location observation or signal from within a possible viewable area, or viewshed of the OOH placements for the campaign.

Location Visitation

Historical comparison of foot traffic for designated POIs, comparing total foot traffic before the campaign against the total foot traffic during the campaign at each POI.

Website Visitation

A lift in website traffic that can be attributed to mobile device IDs that were also exposed to the out-of-home campaign.

Brand Awareness

Through running sophisticated pre and post campaign surveys we can determine audiences opinions of brands and how they might have changed as a result of the out-of-home.



The total lift in sales is measured based on which device IDs were exposed, which are then matched to the users who converted online or offline by making a purchase.

Audience Profile

A profile for those who were exposed to the out-of-home and visited based on demographics and behavioral traits such as sex, HHI, purchase behavior, ethnicity, etc.

Placement Indexing

Ranking out-of-home placements based on exposure to a specific location or POI.

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