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App Download
Measure the influence of OOH on app download activity for mobile application-based campaigns.
"I want to know the impact my OOH ads had on app downloads."

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How it Works


Establish MMP Feed

We partner with Mobile Measurement Partners to access high value data sets from app activity.

Construct Customer Journeys


User journeys are reconstructed using opt-in mobile data. This allows us to understand where users are in relation to OOH units.


App Activity Matching


We match devices that intersected with view sheds of OOH units to devices that have dowloaded or taken action towards an app.

An App Based World
Who ever said that OOH was traditional? Our tech stack and data partnerships allow us to accurately define the actions takes in the outside world, and how it affects the actions taken within the digital world.
accurately define the actions _app-download_An App Based World
MMP Flexibility
We have an integration with Appsflyer, but we can partner with your MMP specifically to access the data needed to conduct our attribution analysis. This conducted by our sciences team.
access the data_app-download_MMP Flexibility
ROI Objectives
Map specific to get deeper insights into your app, such as transactions taken within the app, or how much time was spent on app after it was downloaded.
spent on app_app-download_ROI Objectives

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