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Brand Survey
Collect and report on qualitative and quantitative brand metrics through a carefully executed Brand Survey study.
"I want to know the impact my OOH ads had on brand sentiment or awareness."

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How it Works

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Structure Test

We map POIs and establish test and control markets. Control markets will serve as holdout markets to compare results with.

Distribute Brand Surveys


Brand Surveys are distributed pre-, during, and, post-flight to collect quantitative brand survey numbers.


Assess Market Results


Brand Survey results are compared between markets to determine Brand Lift as result of OOH.

Quantify the Qualitative
Brand Survey bring together quantitative data points to tell a quantitative story. Survey audiences to understand how they feel about your brand through sales and visitation data.
quantitative data_brand-survey_Quantify the Qualitative
Customized to your Brand
Our surveys are not cookie-cutter. Our survey partners allow for deeper customization of survey questions, meaning you can laser in on the exact brand questions you are interested in.
survey_brand-survey_Customized to your Brand
Unit Performance
Our survey allows us to gain an understanding of how the user feels about creative. This includes likeness and favorability, providing a useful tool to inform creative decisions in the future.
Unit Performance_brand-survey_unit performance

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