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Hyperlocal Advertising: Bringing Messages

Closer to Home

COVID-19 Impact & Effects on OOH Exposure


Learn How Hyperlocal
Is Helping Brands

  • Data Analysis for LA DMA
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Hyperlocal Media Opportunities

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Hyperlocal Is the New High Profile

Now more than ever, brands have a chance to show solidarity with their audiences and reach them on a more personal, communal and united front.

Our Approach
Compile visitation data to more than 5 million U.S. businesses from January 01, 2020 through March 15th, 2020 for an initial trend analysis. Then, monitor ongoing audience movements to test hypothesis on hyperlocal audience patterns in Los Angeles (or any market) as it relates to OOH exposure.



Mobile Events (US)



Consumer Journeys

Source: Billups Sciences, SafeGraph


Bringing Messages Closer to Home

Industry verticals fall in foot traffic
Airports (-75%), Hospitality (-66%), Restaurants (-56%), Coffee (-55%), Theaters (-90%), Malls (-79%)

Essential business visitations continue to rise
Supermarket (+16%), Gas Station (+11%), General Merchandise (4%)

Major markets shift behaviors to suburbs

Los Angeles residents reduce total trip length by 30% but have increased frequency of trips by 3% (within 5 mile radius).

Hyperlocal OOH & tactics make a difference

Focus on opportunities to reach communities with the right message.

Interested in hyperlocal opportunities?

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Start With Just a Few Easy Steps


Focus on Neighborhood Impact


Reach Customers in Their House

  • Amazon Delivery
  • Food Delivery
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Door Hanger

Essential Businesses

Reach Customers When They Leave the House

  • Hyperlocal OOH
  • Retail & Restaurant
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Office
  • Gas Station & C-Store
  • Retail Shopping & Parking Lot
  • Delivery Truck & Mobile Billboard

Don't Stop Your Campaigns

Practicing responsible messaging that is empathetic, communicative and creative.

Reminding your community you're supporting them through this time of need (message relevance).

Communicating your brand because competitors will jump to take the same space you left.

Growing your brand awareness, find ways to shift impact to hyperlocal touchpoints without going dark.


Plan Ahead of Inventory Scarcity

  • Get ahead of economic recovery
  • Plan with broadest tactical inventory options
  • Keep 60-day cancellation
  • Explore long-term pricing advantages

Hyperlocal Media Types


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