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Airport Advertising Across the World

Captivate Consumers in Airports

Find your audiences when they're on the go, engaged and traveling with Airport advertising. Located throughout terminals in arrival and departure areas, ticketing areas, baggage claim, gate-hold rooms, concourses, retail shops, and VIP lounges airport advertising presents a variety of formats and opportunities to reach your audience.

At the intersection of place-based and transit advertising, airport advertising provides benefits including a long dwell time for consumers through all stages of their journey from heading to the airport, getting dropped off, getting past security, while in-flight and once they arrive at their destinations. Most airports have advertising opportunities within multiple terminals, as well as baggage claim, and cab stands.

OOH Airport advertising digital screen

Airport Advertising Specifications

Standard Sizes

Airport Advertising is a mix of static media and digital placement opportunities in a variety of sizes located in and around airports. Some of the most popular formats include large format digital networks on the concourse, backlit tension fabric displays, banners, dioramas and spectaculars.



Painted Bulletins
Artwork should be received by plant operators 60 days before the posting date. Rendered by skilled artists and painted, the artwork scale should be 3/8” or 1/2” = 1’.

Printed Bulletins (Opaque PVC Vinyl or PE plastic)
This is the most common technique for producing bulletins. Durable and long-lasting flexible vinyl faces present a uniform appearance with good color and art quality. Vinyl or plastic bulletins must be supplied to plant operators at least 10 working days prior to the posting date. The material is usually produced on one sheet and stretched over the face of the structure. A four inch pole pocket is contained within the bleed on all four sides are required.

All inks are weatherproof and waterproof with sufficient UV protection.


Traditional Mechanicals
The layout size for 14’ x 48’ bulletins is 7” x 24”, scaled to 1/2 ”x 1’. A tissue overlay is used to note special embellishments and colors and, if a photograph is used in the design, an 8” x 10” (or larger) color photograph should be provided with a color copy of the layout.

To increase the impact of bulletins, extensions (cutouts that extend beyond the basic shape of the structure) are often used. Extensions or cut-outs may be added around perimeters often with a one-time charge per square foot and a once-a-month maintenance charge. Depending on local restrictions, extensions or cut-outs may be added from 5’ to 5’6” on top, 2’ on the side and 1’ on the bottom. Extra space cost is comparable to print media foldouts or inserts.

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