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Digital Billboards/Bulletins

Digital Billboard Advertising

One of the most dominating and memorable categories, digital billboard advertising has the ability to light up a city street and dominate some of the most trafficked streets in the most major US cities. Add an extra layer of timeliness and relevance to your campaign through a digital execution. Easily change creative messaging based on triggers such as time of day, weather, or sports scores. Digital bulletins deliver high impact creative that is sure to excite and delight your target audiences.

Digital bulletin on top of building


Digital Billboard costs typically depend on factors such as location, screen size, display duration, and the number of impressions the Billboard receives. On average, a four-week campaign for a Digital Billboard can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The specific location's demand and audience reach heavily influence pricing, with urban areas often commanding higher rates. An advertiser will usually not get 100% Share of Voice (SOV) on a Digital Billboard. Their ad will rotate with several other advertisers on a loop. Programmatic DOOH can be an option for advertisers wishing to break into OOH at a lower rate as ads are bought by impressions, rather than airtime.


Standard Sizes
14' H x 48' W
10’ H x 40’ W
10’6” H x 36’ W

bulletin standard spec size