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Digital Place-Based Advertising

Hyper target with Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Place-Based Media

Digital place-based is a broad category. Encompassing indoor placements and some DOOH video screens, they are seen in major markets throughout the US, as well as internationally, and provide entertainment, news, weather, sports, and targeted advertising to consumers—while they wait in line or in elevators, check-out counters, coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, gas pumps, and transit hubs. The screens can often be updated instantly and targeted precisely to desired demographic audiences. Place-based DOOH is most often used to build brand awareness and reinforce existing advertising campaigns to targeted and mass audiences.

Digital place-based electric vehicle charging station


The costs associated with Digital Place-Based advertising can vary depending on the specific venue, screen size, duration of the campaign, and the target audience reach. Typically, pricing for a four-week campaign ranges from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Costs are also affected by the level of foot traffic and screen prominence. Digital Placed-Based advertisements often run on networks, such as retail media networks in shopping malls, convenience stores and more. Advertisers have the option to buy a network of screens and have their ads play on a loop alongside other advertisements throughout a venue.

Digital Place-Based Media Specifications

Sizes vary based on format

Digital place-based Media is located in C-Stores, Point of Care, Grocery Stores, etc. Often located in waiting rooms or at check outlines, these digital screens are located directly in front of the consumer. May offer sound or may just be video. Static and Full Motion is available as well.