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Taxi & Rideshare Advertising 

Catch Your Audience on the Go with Taxi & Rideshare Advertising

Taxi and rideshare advertising offers high levels of recall while reaching local commuters, businesses, and tourists en route to airports, hotels, events, shopping centers, and more. Most displays are affixed to either the roof of the vehicle and are double-sided and backlit. They can be static or digital. Fully wrapped taxis are also becoming a popular media variation. Wrapped taxis use the same production techniques as fully-wrapped buses. Some taxis and rideshare offer digital displays inside the vehicle as well. 

Digital Taxi Top Advertising


Taxi/Rideshare advertising costs depend on many factors, including the location, campaign duration, and the number of taxis or rideshare vehicles involved. The coverage area, market conditions, and type of ads used also influence cost. Pricing for a four-week campaign can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per vehicle.

Taxi & Rideshare Ad Specifications

Standard Sizes
14" H x 48" W

Taxi top spec