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Truckside Advertising

Scale Your Message Nationally with Truckside Advertising

Truckside advertising displays consist of specialized adhesive-backed masking films and/or non-adhesive, stretched vinyl banners affixed to special frames on the sides and/or rear of trucks running regular routes in metropolitan areas and/or tractor-trailers running Interstate routes. Truckside offers variety, frequency, and value to a broadcast campaign, or as a stand-alone campaign. Advertisers also turn to truckside advertising to penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising, as well as in saturated markets.

Coors Light Advertising on truck


The costs of Truckside campaigns depend on factors such as the location, the duration of the campaign, and the number of trucks involved. The route coverage area, ad size, campaign duration, and market conditions also affect costs. Pricing for a four-week campaign can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars per truck.


Standard Sizes
16' H x 36' W

Sizes may vary based on application

Truckside spec