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Services & Pricing Plans


Solutions for out-of-home impact and proper measurement.


Full suite of managed service solutions from experts located in 16 major cities.

Buying & Production

Historically low rates with managed service production.


Proof of performance and total reach evaluations.


Technology and automation for scaling at critical growth stages.


Data science for custom audience planning and market research.

Buying & Production

Industry low rates with full suite of creative services.


Advanced attribution for determining OOH performance and point of interest growth.


The entire suite of services designed for solving business outcomes.


Historical and first party data opportunities for planning customization.

Buying  & Production

Pre-negotiated rates with custom platform automation.


Customized OOH process for directly measuring business outcome growth.

Planning Starter Growth Enterprise
Out-of-Home Strategy Development For KPIs
Profile/Demographic/Behavioral Targeting (3rd Party Data)
Custom Geofence/Polygon Targeting
Point of Interest Search
Market Rides
Competitive Analysis (Spend & Placement Locations)  
Custom Out-of-Home Placement Indexing  
Custom First Party Audience Indexing    
Buying Starter Growth Enterprise
Customized Investments For All Formats
Opportunistic Market Negotiations
Programmatic Buying (Digital Out-of-Home & Mobile)
Dynamic Content Delivery (Updates)
Printing Starter Growth Enterprise
Production Sourcing
Creative Trafficking
Electronic Proof
Mechanical Resizing
Hard Proof/Color Matching  
Rush Production  
Onsite Press Check    
Reporting Starter Growth Enterprise
Proof of Performance
Override Report
Market Audit
Attribution: Audience Analysis Exposure  
Attribution: In-Store Visitation  
Attribution: Online Visitation  
Lookalike & Performance Optimization  
Resarch Study: Creative Fatigue  
Platform (Requires SLA) Starter Growth Enterprise
Billups Out-of-Home Platform Access
Data Feed (Requires SLA)      
Monthly Exposure & Foot Traffic  
DMP/CRM Integration: Customized 1st Party Data Reporting  

Disclosure:  This communication is on behalf of Billups, LLC (“Billups”).  Starter, Growth, and Enterprise options are based upon minimum spend levels not shown in the above services list or below pricing options.  The services and pricing plans listed on this page are not intended to constitute an offer of specific pricing or services for a particular purchaser, and the services and pricing offered may vary.  Such pricing and services, and the details related to the same, are to be agreed upon by Billups and a purchaser in a formal agreement. Except as otherwise agreed to in a formal agreement between Billups and purchaser, Billups’ default pricing plan for its services is Marketplace.  Please contact a Billups representative for a more detailed breakdown.

Pricing Plans


A package rate that includes our entire suite of services—data sciences, platform tools, advanced reporting, and managed services.

Recommended for

Starter, Growth, Enterprise


Commission/Fee based pricing on all media with services provided for a la carte pricing (unless otherwise stated).

Recommended for

Growth, Enterprise


Custom pricing packages based on performance objectives, market dynamics, or predetermined business outcomes.

Recommended for


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