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What National Advertisers Can Learn From Local Advertisers in Times of Uncertainty

Seen originally on January 26th in Adweek, find the full article here


By David Krupp, Global CEO

In the world of advertising, local and national strategies used to be worlds apart. But guess what? They're not so distant anymore. Let's dive into why national brands should cozy up to local advertising.

Out-of-home advertising is the unsung hero of the local scene—think billboards, bus ads, and subway posters. It's unskippable and packs a creative punch.

So national advertisers should take heed. Broadcast viewership is dropping, and digital fraud is bleeding budgets dry. Time to change the game. Local businesses understand the value of community connections, even in tough times. National advertisers would do well to take a page from their playbook.

Out-of-home, in particular, offers reach, proximity, and local charm—all in one package. Apple, McDonald’s—they already get it. As do Cracker Barrel and Zaxby’s, all devoted to local advertising.

But it's not just on the advertisers. Agencies and ad tech firms also need to step it up and realize OOH deserves a prime spot in the media mix.

The bottom line: national and local advertising should work in concert, not be opposing forces.

As uncertainty reigns, local wisdom and OOH magic might just be the secret sauce for national brands craving resilience and triumph.