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9 Key Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising

May 31, 2023

Mobile Billboards take your messaging and creative on the move. They can be static or digital. Custom routes take your message anywhere, and everywhere your audience may be.

But what exactly is Mobile Billboard advertising? How does it work? And when should you consider it? In this article, you’ll learn all the key facts and benefits of Mobile Billboard advertising. 

OOH Mobile Billboard

What are Mobile Billboards?

Ads placed on the sides or backs of vehicles are Mobile Billboard advertising. Large trucks or trailers drive around or park in specific locations. These moving displays can carry promotional messages to a wide range of audiences. 

Mobile Billboards can create dynamic and interactive advertising experiences. They move through busy streets or parking lots. They attract the gaze of pedestrians, motorists, and passersby in cities and suburbs. 

Often conflated with Truckside advertising, Mobile Billboards are more specific. Truckside advertising uses delivery trucks to display advertising messages along pre-planned routes. Mobile Billboards look similar but are hired to promote a brand's advertisement. They have flexible campaign routes. The vehicles can store promotional materials. 

What Kinds of Businesses Does Mobile Billboard Advertising Work Best for?

Mobile Billboards saw a resurgence during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The moving Billboards helped advertisers reach their audiences through OOH. Movement patterns had changed. Many people were in their homes or meeting outside. 

Mobile Billboard advertising can be effective for a wide range of advertisers. Mobile Billboard advertising is often used to promote political or polarizing messages. But brands can use it to promote services and products as well. 

Pandemic Mobile Billboard

Here are examples of brands and campaigns that use Mobile Billboard advertising: 

  • Local Retailers: Retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques may target specific neighborhoods. This helps raise awareness of their local businesses.
  • Event Promotion: Mobile Billboards are a great way to generate buzz around an event. Advertisers can target high-traffic areas near the event venue. They can drive ticket sales and increase event attendance.  
  • Real Estate: Sometimes, real estate agents or property developers will use Mobile Billboards. They may showcase properties, advertise open houses, or announce new developments.  
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and tourist attractions can use Mobile Billboards. They may promote unique features, deals, or special packages to tourists. 
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns: Mobile Billboards are effective for increasing brand recognition. Mobile Billboard advertising creates a strong visual presence and reaches a broad audience. Technology, fashion, beauty, and consumer goods can all benefit.
  • Political Campaigns: Political candidates may use Mobile Billboards during election season. The ads can raise campaign awareness, display key messages or promote public appearances.  
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits may use Mobile Billboards to raise awareness. They can also promote events or seek funding. 

Whether your Mobile Billboard campaign will be effective depends on many factors. Brands should conduct thorough research in advance to optimize the campaign’s impact.

Parked Mobile Billboard

What Other Factors Should I Consider Before Launching a Mobile Billboard Campaign?

Advertisers should consider several factors to ensure a Mobile Billboard campaign’s success. Here’s what you should think about before launching your Mobile Billboard Campaign:

  • Target Audience: Define your target audience and understand their demographics, interests, and behaviors. This will let you know what areas and routes are most likely to engage them.
  • Objectives and Message: Establish the goals and objectives of your campaign. Are you aiming to increase brand awareness? Promote a specific product or service? Drive sales, or generate leads? Craft compelling, concise messages that align with your objectives. 
  • Location and Timing: Research and select your Mobile Billboard campaign's sites and routes. Areas frequented by your target audience that have high foot traffic are optimal. It would be best to learn what time of day or days of the week will maximize your exposure.  Mobile Billboard campaigns tend to be short-duration but offer timing flexibility. 
  • Design and Creativity: Make your message stand out in a fast-paced environment. Ensure your advertisement grabs attention.  Mobile Billboards have limited dwell time. Make your design clear, concise, and easy to understand.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Local regulations or permits may be required for Mobile Billboard advertising. For example, not all areas will allow alcohol advertising. Ensure you follow your location's rules, regulations, or restrictions.  
  • Tracking and Measurement: Decide what metrics will determine the effectiveness of your campaign. Standard OOH metrics include impressions, reach, and frequency. 
  • Budget and Duration: Decide how much you will spend on your campaign. Factor in design, printing, and operating costs for the Mobile Billboard. 
  • Integrate with Other Channels: Integrate your Mobile Billboard campaign with other OOH or marketing channels to amplify its impact. Consider social media campaigns, street teams, or online advertising. This will help you make a cohesive marketing strategy. 
  • Monitoring and Optimization: Track your Mobile Billboard campaign’s performance.  Analyze the data and optimize the campaign to improve its effectiveness. 

Considering these factors helps you plan your campaign and achieve your marketing objectives. 

Tory Burch laid back MBB

What are the Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising?

Now you know the factors to consider. Here’s why so many brands choose Mobile Billboard advertising: 

  • Quick to Market: Many Mobile Billboards are becoming digital, though there are still static options available. Advertisers can hire one quickly if the ad is static, other than production times. 
  • Reach areas with Limited OOH: Mobile Billboards reach areas with limited OOH inventory. They can penetrate neighborhoods that otherwise would not have OOH. 
  • Highly Customizable: Choose your own routes or pick from suggested routes. You can have your Mobile Billboard circle a stadium, sit in a parking lot or drive through busy city streets. You can also choose the timing of your campaign. Generally, the fee structure is based around 40 hours per week. Sometimes you can break it up to customize your program. There are restrictions. It allows more flexibility and freedom than many other forms of outdoor advertising. 
  • 100% SOV: You are hiring the Mobile Billboard company for your specific advertisement. You will get a 100% Share of Voice (SOV), even with digital screens. Additionally, Digital Mobile Billboards can allow for many messaging opportunities.
  • Less Restrictive: You can usually run alcohol on digital advertisements. But check the market's regulations. Some areas prohibit animations on Digital Mobile Billboards. 
  • Audience Targeting: You can create your route. You can make any route you would like to customize audiences
  • Engagement and Interactivity: Add on street teams and pass out collateral. Park the truck and then do an activation. You could do sampling. They create high levels of attention and engagement compared to static Billboards. Some mobile billboard campaigns incorporate digital screens or interactive elements. This allows for real-time updates, animations, or even user engagement through mobile devices.
  • Highly-Visible: You can't ignore a Billboard. They are eye-catching and memorable.
  • Measurable Results: Most Mobile Billboard companies have GPS. The GPS provides data that validates the route and time your campaign is running. 

Mobile Billboard advertising's biggest advantage is its flexibility. The flexibility helps advertisers target their audiences wherever they are. 

Mobile Billboard on a city street

What are the Drawbacks of Mobile Billboard Advertising?

While Mobile billboard Advertising has benefits, there are also some drawbacks. Here are a few potential disadvantages:

  • Limited Exposure Time: Mobile Billboards have a limited exposure time. Static Billboards are constantly visible. But Mobile Billboards may only have seconds to capture viewers' attention.  Make your message concise and impactful so that it leaves a lasting impression. 
  • Route Limitations: Mobile Billboards are limited to the routes they travel. Local regulations may include restrictions on certain areas, time of day, or routes. Research and understand any limitations or permits required before planning your campaign.
  • Weather and Traffic Conditions: Bad weather or heavy traffic can affect Mobile Billboard campaigns. Bad weather can reduce visibility or lead to operational challenges. Traffic congestion may limit how many eyes are on your campaign. 
  • Limited Measurement: Measurements are usually not audited by Geopath. The Media Owner provides them, and they are not independently audited. Make sure you use a trusted Mobile Billboard provider.

Weigh these drawbacks against your advertising campaign's potential benefits and objectives. Mobile Billboard Advertising can still be valuable to your marketing strategy. Use it with other advertising channels for the greatest impact.

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