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Viewing Out-of-Home Through a New Lens: Opportunity to View Patent

May 4, 2020

Our research is at the heart of everything we do here at Billups, informing every media campaign we plan, buy and execute. We pride ourselves in the proprietary technology that’s powered by our in-house data science team.

Recently, our team was granted a patent for our SSI Viewability score (SSI™), or Opportunity to View(OTV™.) This patent covers the process we’ve developed to build dynamic viewsheds for any given out-of-home unit.


This state of the art technology allows us to create sophisticated models for who exactly was exposed to any particular out-of-home unit, and for exactly how long. This is a far cry from the age-old rubber hoses across a street or your traditional geofence, which rely on rudimentary technology that is very limited in terms of its scope in providing sophisticated analytics for out-of-home exposure.

This is a small, but critical piece in the overall work our data science team is doing to bring state of the art analytics to an outdated industry. In doing so, our team can provide media planners and buyers interested in OOH a variety of benefits.

Key Takeaways
  • Access to in-depth reports attributing business outcomes directly to out-of-home exposure.
  • Key analytics for brands and agencies looking to invest more in out-of-home.
  • The opportunity to prove ROI for planning, buying and reporting out-of-home campaigns.

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