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Digital Media & DOOH Street Furniture Advertising

Timely Reach with DOOH Ads: Pedestrians and Vehicular Traffic

Digital street furniture enables advertising that connects with consumers on an intimate, face-to-face level. Options such as digital bus shelters and digital urban panel advertising provide impact to a mass vehicular and pedestrian audience. Whether providing national coverage in many markets or targeting on a hyperlocal level, DOOH street furniture is as perfect for tech companies building brand awareness as it is for consumer packaged goods.

digital street furniture ooh


Digital Street Furniture costs depend on the location, display duration, screen size, and the number of impressions generated. Pricing for a four-week campaign can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost is influenced by the demand and foot traffic in specific areas. High-traffic urban locations generally have higher rates. There are additional factors that can influence cost including the display's prominence and quality and whether the ad is bought based on impressions through Programmatic DOOH.

Digital Street Furniture Specifications

Standard Sizes
50' H x 26' W

Sizes may vary based on application


digital street furniture advertising specifications