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Poster Advertising

How Brands Boost Messaging in Neighborhoods with Poster Ads

Typically smaller in size than billboards, posters are woven into the fabric of local neighborhoods, providing an unmatched opportunity to align your brand message to a specific audience or demographic. Positioned on surface streets and secondary roadways, posters allow brands to extend their awareness relevantly on the local level, in a cost-effective manner. According to Nielsen, 71% of 25-34-year-olds have noticed a poster in the past month, with 47% able to recall a specific ad.* Get your messaging and creative right and the community will hear you. Posters come in both static and digital formats.

Poster advertisement on top of a building in the city


Poster advertising costs depend on a wide variety of factors, including market location and the specific location of the advertisement. In general, the cost of Poster Advertising is influenced by factors such as its size, placement, and target audience. Other cost factors include campaign duration and overall demand for the advertising space. For instance, in high-traffic urban areas, the price for a poster campaign may be higher than in rural or less densely populated regions.

Poster Specifications

Primary Uses
This format is often used as a full market coverage medium for reach and frequency. Packaged buys can be tailored for specific marketing goals: supermarket coverage, ethnic targeting, focus on certain geographic areas, etc.

Overall Size
The total area for posters is 12' 3" H 24' 6" (125” x 272”)