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How Brands Boost Messaging in Neighborhoods with Poster Ads

Posters are woven into the fabric of local neighborhoods, providing an unmatched opportunity to align your brand message to a specific audience or culture. Positioned on surface streets and secondary roadways, posters allow brands to extend their awareness relevantly on the local level, in a cost-effective manner. According to Nielsen, 71% of 25-34-year-olds have noticed a poster in the past month, with 47% able to recall a specific ad.* Get your messaging and creative right and the community will hear you. Posters come in both static and digital formats.


Poster Specifications

Primary Uses
This format is often used as a full market coverage medium for reach and frequency. Packaged buys can be tailored for specific marketing goals: supermarket coverage, ethnic targeting, focus on certain geographic areas, etc.

Overall Size
The total area for posters is 12' 3" H 24' 6" (125” x 272”)