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Using Out-of-Home to Track App Downloads

May 15, 2023

There’s an app for everything nowadays. Brands with mobile apps want people to download their apps, engage with them, and pay for premium content. Many app ads encourage users to download additional apps or pay extra for certain features. 
But, Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising can also encourage app downloads and visits. Through Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs), we can access rich data outputs that show how many people visit the app, download, or execute in-app events due to OOH campaigns. 

OOH is an excellent add-on for most media mixes. It reaches people when they are out in the world with their mobile devices. This creates an opportunity for someone to be exposed to your advertisement and immediately download the app. 

What is an App Download Study? 

App Download studies measure to what degree Out-of-Home placements influenced app download activity. 

How do Billups App Download Studies Work?
  1. We integrate with a brand’s MMP to collect app download data during the campaign flight dates.
  2. We match the Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) that were exposed to OOH with those that took an action on an app during the campaign.
  3. Through Control Groups, we apply data science to determine the incremental app download lift attributable to OOH.

You can see how this works visually in the graphic below:

steps for app download studies

What is a Mobile Measurement Partner?

A Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) is a company that acts as a third-party provider to attribute, collect, and organize app data. This data then helps deliver a unified overview of a brand’s campaign performance. Examples of MMPs include AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, and more.

One great thing about Mobile Measurement Partners is that the data is unbiased because it comes from a third party. 

Even if you are unfamiliar with using MMPs for Out-of-Home, You are probably familiar with MMPs gathering user acquisition data from social media ads or mobile games. You may be wondering how to apply that data to Out-of-Home Advertising. 

Though we don’t have the ability to track clicks, we can track locations. We can see if a mobile device intersected the viewshed of an OOH unit advertising an app. We can then see if that mobile device took an action after it passed through the view shed, such as visiting the app or downloading it. 

Requirements for App Download Studies

App Download studies have fewer requirements than some of our other attribution studies. The only conditions other than using an MMP are that we need to confirm reach and exposure thresholds. We need to have a 20 percent market reach for all of our studies.

However, there are several considerations to watch out for. Similar to our Web Impact Studies, there must be a sufficient volume of In-App events already occurring before the OOH. This allows us to depict what traffic was driven by the campaign.

Also, if your app is only available on one mobile operating system, then that needs to be flagged ahead of the campaign. For example, if it is only available in the iOS marketplace. It does not make the study impossible but significantly reduces the mobile device sample size.

Track Your App Performance with Billups

Interested in seeing how your OOH campaigns affect your app downloads and engagement? Enhance your app marketing efforts and see how your campaigns are performing. Reach out to talk to one of our specialists and learn more!

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